Car Clubs & Brands.
So, you need some stickers for your car club, or brand? We can help.

We’ve got a few years under our belts of making Club Stickers for many UK based car clubs – whether those be hosted online by us, or just bulk orders that club owners sell onto their members themselves.

Do you already have a club logo?

If you do click over to our contact form and fill it out, we can definitely help you!

No Design? No Problem!
Even if you don’t have a logo yet, we can still help you, we’re able to create a logo for you, and either sell you stickers in bulk, or host them for you so your members buy directly from us. Even if you don’t want to use us for stickers but love our designs, that too isn’t an issue, for a logo design charge we can release the logo to you for you to use wherever you please.

Again, head over and use our contact form to get started, Alternatively send a message to us on Instagram @CustomCarStickersUK and we will help.

Here’s a few logo’s we’ve created for clubs and businesses around the UK.

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Modified365 is a group of car enthusiasts, we're based all over the UK, and accept anyone from anywhere, whether you’re in the fight to be the lowest, all about getting around that track as fast as possible, or even love getting dirty with a bit of off-roading, as long as you have a passion for the vehicle you drive you’re in the right place.