Car Clubs & Brands
From Bulk Orders to Hosted Decals – CustomCarStickers has you covered!

Drop me a message over at Instagram @CustomCarStickersUK to discuss options.

Please include the following information in your message (Where applicable) –
Club Owners Name, Club Owners Email Address, Club Website, Club Facebook/Instagram, If you would like a Bulk Order or Hosted Decals (Info Below) and a picture of your club logo if you have one.

What are Hosted Decals? Hosted decals are where we, CustomCarStickers, will manage everything from listing your stickers on our online store, processing all of the sales to your members, and posting each decal out with fitting instructions to your members. Hosted Decals cost the club owner nothing, but also don’t provide any income for the club – If you use the sale of decals to provide some income for your club we can still help, we can bulk cut your decals at a discounted price and post them to one individual for the club to sell on to members.

No Artwork? That’s not a problem, we can still help, if you can give us as much detail of the design you are looking for, including any specific fonts, or font styles you would like, and any design elements required, this will help us price up the design for you more accurately.

Hello, Please note the store is temporarily closed at this moment as I am away, The store will reopen on 6th June. Thank you for your patience and I apologise for any inconvenience.